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FuelMaster Benefits

The Fuel Monitoring solution is based on real-time data available from Fuel Level Sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a vehicle:

1. Using this intelligent data fleet owners are usually able to decrease fuel thefts in their fleets by 90%.

2. FuelMaster allows the detection of fuel thefts or unreasonably high fuel usage, thus helping to find ways to save 15% or more on fuel costs and increase fleet efficiency by 30% or more.

3. According to statistics, the system implementation for fuel control pays for itself within 6-8 months.

XpressmasterPro with Fuel

Smartsurv Wireless combines the latest fuel probe technology into the XpressmasterPRO fleet management platform, bringing you accurate fuel usage information in real time.


Our XpressmasterPRO platform is designed to be scalable in order to provide world class functionality to any sized fleet.

Fuel Usage in Real-time

Our highly sophisticated hardware and software are uniquely installed to identify fuel fillings and fuel thefts in real-time with notifications.


We further our customer experience by providing detailed monthly reports and analyses by our highly trained agents ensuring that your risks are managed.

Instant Alerts

Fuel Theft Detection

Bureau Service

Fuel Level Sensor Advantages

Fuel management system is based on data available from fuel level sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a vehicle.


Using this intelligent data fleet owners are usually able to decrease fuel theft in their fleets by 90%


The system allows to detect fuel thefts or unreasonable large fuel burn, thus helping to find ways to save 15% or more on fuel costs and increase fleet efficiency by 30% or more.


According to statistics, the system implementation for fuel control pays for itself withing 5-8 months.

Fuel Theft Technology

At SmartSurv Wireless we conceptualize, design, implement and manage leading cost effective wireless solutions.

Service Offer

  • 2 years of data history from data of installation

  • Stolen Vehicle and recovery service

  • 12-month warrantee

  • Mobile Master Application

  • Multiple user login level password support

  • Reports module

  • Live Tracking

  • Dashboard applications

  • Flexible hardware for adding panic button etc.

Vehicle fuel cap

Fuel cap & Receiver

The SmartSurv Tank Cover protects your business against the risk of fuel theft.

Logistic Fleet Managers and heavy commercial vehicle owners can remotely access information about when and where the fuel cap is opened.

Vehicle fuel cap
Remote controller device
Vehicle fuel cap

SmartCap shares the information with the Receiver thanks to encrypted wireless communication technology.

The Receiver is integrated with the vehicle tracking system and alarm system. When the SmartCap is opened or closed, it informs the fleet manager together with the location information. In case of theft attempt, it warns the driver by activating the external Siren or vehicle warning system.

Product Features

Alert icon

Fuel safety system that detects interference with the fuel cap.

Wifi icon

Innovative BLE 5.1 encrypted wireless communication.

Tracking icon

Remote monitoring through the integrated vehicle tracking system.

Alarm icon

Alarm trigger system and vehicle warning system.

Bolt icon

Compatible with mechanical fuel safety devices.

Wrench and cog icon

Quick and easy installation without wiring.

Battery icon

Long-lasting Li-Ion battery with no need for charging.

Trailer hinge icon

Compatible with Lowbed trailers due to low product height.

Two way arrows icon

Compatible with standard tank straits with diameter Ø105mm.

Liquid icon

Strong sealing with FPM gasket structure.

Lock icon

5-lamellar locking system for automotive applications.

Polymer icon

Engineering polymer suitable for diesel fuel systems.

Woman working in office
BureauMaster Icon.png

We process your Data

Highly trained Bureau Operators are tasked to provide you with customized fuel report around your unique operation.


Smartsurv Wireless advanced fuel-related reporting provides you with critical information you need to manage costs and track fuel usage trends.


Analyze overall fleet consumption and individual vehicle performance with detailed statistics and accurate reporting.

Our highly sophisticated system is uniquely developed to identify fillings and thefts in real time with instant notifications, also showing how much fuel was filled or stolen including the location and time of the transaction.

Detail comparison reports between the Fuel Fillings/Fleet cards or pump transactions are prepared and variances are highlighted by our Bureau Operators .

Fuel tanks
AtgMaster Icon.png

Real-time Fuel Storage Data

Fuel site owners using an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) are able to accurately assess the amount of fuel currently available for dispensing in each tank. By connecting all the ATGs on our XpressmasterPRO intelligent fuel network platform our clients will have access to real-time per second information and notifications on their fuel status.

Petrol station
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