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About Smartsurv Wireless

SmartSurv Wireless is a customer-driven business. We research, identify and analyse your needs to ensure that we only offer products and services that will enhance the potential of your business and improve your lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective, best-of-breed wireless solutions to protect, manage and maximize your movable assets. Our guarantee is that each device or service we offer is current, robust and reliable. We invest significantly in research and development, identifying and applying rigorous testing to every product and service to ensure that they surpass existing benchmarks. Each application we offer has already measured up to our exacting standards.

SmartSurv Wireless focuses primarily on vehicle surveillance and fleet management. We also have the necessary expertise to design, implement and manage customized products and services for any asset class.

We look forward to serving you with integrity within the wireless environment.

Awards & Certificates

On the 3rd of November 2023, Smartsurv Wireless was awarded third place as an outstanding achiever in compliance to the VESA specifications and requirements pertaining to the issuing of VESA certificates during the period of 2023.

Smartsurv prides ourselves on our hardworking mentality and dedicated loyalty to our clients and partners.

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