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Delivery packages with a motorbike
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Get Connected with Your
Delivery Driver

  • Monitor your delivery in real time

  • Receive reports on driver behavior

  • Monitor E-Bike battery and estimated time until charge

  • Detect the availability of a delivery bike 

  • Service specialized for E-Bikes, but accessible for all delivery vehicle types

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Vehicle Report

Bike accident
Emergency Alert

Get notified from the mobile app or via SMS  when Bike is involved in an accident or altercation. 

Bike tracking
Location Tracking

Track your Bike's live location with the provided path for the delivery and monitor the estimated delivery time and date.

Package detection
Delivery Detection

Monitor whether a delivery bin is empty or carrying parcels using the mobile aplication which recieves feedback from the sensor inside the bin.

Battery monitoring
Battery Monitoring 

Monitor the E-Bike's battery in real-time, and track the efficiency and estimated time before charge.

Driving Report

Speed detection icon
Speed Detection

Set a custom speed limit and get notified when the driver exceeds the limit also allowing you to track the driver's speed in real-time.

Delivery trip analysis icon
Trip Analysis

Review your delivery by viewing the details such as the routes taken and the amount of time taken between order and delivery.

Geofence tracking
Geofence Tracking

Get notified by the app or by SMS when delivery is on route or when it arrives at set locations. 

Parking location monitoring
Parked Location

Locate your Bike's parked or last seen position using Google Maps through the mobile application.

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Electric bicycle with storage box
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