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Cargo Ship at Port

Monitor your Shipping Container

CargoMaster is a monitoring device designed for cargo shipping containers. This device is primarily utilized for monitoring special container assets during railway transportation, marine cross-border transportation, and Belt & Road railway cross-border transportation.


Real-time Tracking

It supports two kinds of GPS & LPS, which provides container positioning and timing tracking.

Invisible Design

Sleek, efficient design to go undetected. Installed on the exterior of the cargo while also monitoring the internal cargo environment.

Intelligent Power Management

Disposable 3.7V super Lithium battery,

12 000 mAh with Live battery monitoring.

Long Standby

Intelligent power management for 3 years of Power Standby.

Hidden and


Measurements are in millimeters (mm).

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the SmartSurv temperature sensor is waterproof and robust.


100% Autonomous, this sensor with an external probe adapts to extreme industrial environments to meet the traceability problems of the Cold Chain of pharmaceutical products. This temperature recorder offers an extra wide measuring range from -80°C - 200°C and perfectly meets the standards for shipping containers, transport and monitoring the storage of temperature-sensitive goods.

Smartsurv Temp Humidity.png

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