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Artificial Intelligence

Truck driver

Driver Monitoring

Improve driver safety in real-time through optional in-cab coaching in high-risk situations such as yawning, smoking, distraction, phone call, no seatbelt, and more, helping drivers practice safe driving habits.


The collected biometric information of people with our optical devices results in a large body of data from which to draw our authentication. This is best done through our Metadata analysis; with which we retrieve relevant information pertaining to your security from our body of information using data patterns. Metadata is essentially data about data; the time at which a face was captured or the number of times a given person was identified. By analysing this information, intelligible patterns can be discerned by our automated Metadata processes. From these patterns, relevant security information can be collated and provided to you; our client. This information allows us to adapt our responses and service to your need; providing a catered solution to your security needs.

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Driving assistance

Driving Assistance

Drivers will gain the ability to monitor the activity around the vehicle, gaining vantage points to safely change lanes and reduce safety accidents.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Analytics are completed within seconds or minutes of new data being received, where both logic and mathematics are applied to provide insights to making better decisions at a higher pace. All our monitoring units provide real-time data analysis, and this is essential because of the demand on quick feedback and response times.

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Vehicle tracking using mobile app

GPS Tracking

See the exact location of each employee or fleet vehicles, the sites they’ve visited, and where they’re headed while on the clock. Locations are tracked periodically, as you move around while on the clock. It may be every few minutes but may also be every few hours if you’re in the same location. The thinking behind this is to be as resource-efficient as possible and to only use location tracking when necessary.


There are several ways to activate and configure remote vehicle immobilization with SmartSurv remote vehicle disabling GPS tracking devices:

  • On-Demand – Remote vehicle disabling systems can be initialized manually using our GPS Tracking Software.

  • ​​​Driver ID Validation – If Driver ID is also configured, vehicles will only start when a valid Driver ID tag is presented. Unregistered tags will not be able to start the vehicle.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Car immobiliser
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