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Turn your smartphone into a location-
based productivity tool

PhoneMaster uses an application for efficient mobile workforce management.

Our application delivers on accurate speed detection and detailed movement history that can be viewed on our PhoneMaster application.

PhoneMaster is designed to optimize and control field operations and mobile staff performance.

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Scope of Application

PhoneMaster is suitable for employee GPS tracking in any business area

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Public Utilities
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Services Sector
Delivery Services
PhoneMaster Mobile Application

It is easy to install and turns your smartphone into a GPS tracker. This application is for free on Android and IOS.

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Access To Relevant Data

The information is automatically updated and displayed on the smartphone screen in a modern and user-friendly interface.

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Support for various

data types

Employees can send photos, SOS messages, or location data by simply tapping the button. Whatever happens, the employer will be aware of what’s going on.

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User Status

The application allows using statuses (Busy, Available, Away, etc.) to inform about the employee's activities instantly.

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Using QR Codes

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Employees can log in with a QR code and also use PhoneMaster as a QR and barcode scanner.

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Suitable operation mode

Depending on the required data accuracy and the desired battery consumption, the user chooses from the available PhoneMaster operation modes or creates a custom own.

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Remote control

An integrator or employer can change settings, get logs and troubleshoot issues without physical access to the employee's smartphone.

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with workers

The application allows to chat with workers, receive alerts, request coordinates and photos.

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with BLE beacon

The user's smartphone can be connected to a BLE device, and WiaTag will detect such a beacon nearby and send this information to the monitoring system.

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