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Tractor driving through farm fields
AgriMaster Icon.png

Agricultural Solutions


This is our warranty-friendly solution that connects into the CanBus system without cutting and wires to remotely access added understanding into the performance and usage of your fleet.

Engine Temperature Warnings 

High RPM Warnings

Long Idling Warnings

Diesel Consumption

Diesel Levels

Potential Diesel Thefts

Working Hours

Service Reminder Alerts

Green Field
BoreHoleMaster Icon TEST.png

Industry Leading Borehole Monitoring

SmartSurv Wireless specializes in providing key operational indicators and information to our clients in the agricultural market segment when it comes to boreholes.


We enable our customers to remotely manage their valuable water usage in real-time.

Water Recovery Rate

Pump Depth Level

Water Level in Real-Time

Automatic Borehole Start & Stop

Detailed Report 

Water Level Notifications

Power Outage Notifications

Low Level Pump Switch Off

Water Flow Information

Water pump
FlowMaster Icon.png

Precision Control Over Your Operation

Borehole pump

SmartSurv Wireless provides the perfect addition to the borehole solution. 

With our advanced platform functionality we can remotely switch our borehole pump on and off while displaying the water flow rate.

This provides our clients with peace of mind and pinpoint precision control of their operation.

Farmer managing their fields
UtilityMaster Icon.png

Water Tank and Reservoir Management

With our UtilityMaster solution we are able to do intelligent monitoring and switching of borehole pumps.

This enables us to accurately and effectively mange water and reservoir tank levels by dynamically switching the borehole on and off depending on the water level in the tank.

SmartSurv Wireless delivers world class measurement solutions for every need.

Water storages
Agricultural statistics

Reliable &

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