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Driver Behavior Monitoring System

Improve driver safety, reduce fuel consumption

 and maintain overall fleet performance.

Know how well your drivers are performing

Reduce fuel consumption and increase fleet safety.

  • Reduce accidents

  • Resolve critical issues

  • Respond proactively


Driver Performance

It is imperative for fleet managers to retain skilled drivers.


Additionally, as drivers have full control over vehicles, it is vital to monitor their driving efficiency closely.


Specialized software meticulously assesses driver performance according to preset driving parameters.


Evaluating driver performance is crucial in pinpointing consistently high-performing drivers.


Consequently, fleet managers can offer incentives to these top-performing drivers to boost satisfaction and retention rates. It is important to highlight that the software plays a critical role in evaluating driver performance based on predefined driving criteria.

Driver rating application screenshot
Speed and driving analysis screenshot

Driver Scoring

Assessing driver behavior through driver scoring is a critical aspect, whereby individual drivers are evaluated and assigned scores based on their performance.


Additionally, this scoring system considers various driving behaviors such as speeding, aggressive acceleration, abrupt braking, and excessive idling.


This thorough evaluation offers fleet managers a straightforward and comprehensible method to monitor and oversee driver performance, enabling them to pinpoint areas requiring improvement for each driver.

Driver Attendance

Driver Allocation

Guarantee precise monitoring of driver attendance through our software, which provides effective techniques for recording driver attendance.

Enhance resource management by effectively allocating drivers to tasks, routes, shifts, or vehicles according to their availability and performance, thereby maximizing utilization.

Driver attendance application screenshot
Driver allocation application screenshot
Work hour tracking application screenshot

Work Hour Tracking

Precisely document and oversee drivers' work hours, encompassing driving durations, breaks, rest intervals, and non-driving duties. Guarantee adherence to labor regulations and driving hour limitations.

Real-time Monitoring

The driving behavior software offers valuable real-time insights into driving conducts. These include factors such as speed, acceleration, and braking, empowering fleet owners to promptly detect and resolve any emerging issues.

Customizable Reports

Fleet managers have the capability to produce tailored reports that offer an in-depth analysis of driver conduct, including trip details, driver efficiency and fuel usage.

Violation Alerts

Our software prominently generates alerts to notify you of any fleet violations of limitations. Furthermore, it offers immediate alerts for idling, harsh braking, and excessive acceleration.

Real-time Alerts

The software has the capability to issue instantaneous alerts to both fleet managers and drivers upon detecting specific driving behaviors, such as speeding or abrupt braking.

Driver Coaching & Training

The driving behavior software incorporates coaching and training modules designed to assist drivers in enhancing their driving habits, thereby mitigating the potential for accidents or costly incidents.

Penalty & Rewards

This functionality will generate reports that facilitate the decision-making process regarding whether to administer penalties or rewards to individual drivers based on their driving scores.

Reduce Wear & Tear on Vehicles 

Excessive driving actions, like swift acceleration and abrupt braking, can result in increased vehicle wear and tear. Additionally, minimizing sudden maneuvers can prolong vehicle lifespan and lower repair expenses.

Speed Limits

Speed limits for individual vehicles can be adjusted and established based on the type of vehicle and payload it is carrying.

Risk Assesment

Utilizing driving behavior data, the software evaluates risk levels for each driver, aiding insurers and fleet managers in making better-informed decisions.

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