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SVR Tracking Solution

The SVR utilizes a GPS tracking system primarily for detecting stolen vehicles and facilitating their retrieval in real-time. Essentially, the process begins by installing a tracking device in the vehicle, which captures data and relays it to the Wialon tracking system. Fleet managers can access the processed data via a web or mobile app and monitor the vehicle's location, receive alerts in case of theft attempts, and take necessary measures to protect the asset.

Fleet Tracking

The platform allows you to locate a stolen vehicle using GPS/LBS data on a smartphone, tablet, or PC and track it to the point of recovery in real-time.


Outline dangerous areas known for vehicle theft, and receive notifications on vehicles entering/leaving those areas.

Block Engine Remotely

The stolen vehicle recovery system enables remote engine shutdown. You can either set a trigger event or block the engine manually.

Hardware Compatibility

Wialon is currently compatible with 2,900+ GPS device models, and the list keeps growing. Integration upon request is also available.

24/7 Tech Support

SmartSurv and Wialon both offer 24/7 technical support and can request the assistance of project implementation specialists.


  • Access to the management system (CMS)

  • 90 days of the unit history storage

  • Tracking unit on the map

  • Possibility to generate links and share vehicle location (Locator)

  • Historical playback (Tracks)

  • Geofences (unlimited)

  • Wialon app for IOS and Android

  • 2 types of commands: (block/unblock engine)

  • 3 types of notifications: (notification on connection loss, notification on a parameter in a message, notification on enter\leaving geofence).

Tracking Platform

The SVR Tracking platform grants you access to exclusive features and performance benefits. Have access to all your fleet's data in once place. 

Access to the management system, where you can effortlessly manage customer data.

The unlimited number of geofences.

90 days of the unit history storage.

2 types of commands (block/unblock engine)

The map view for more convenient vehicle tracking.

Historical playback.

Possibility to share vehicle location.

3 types of notifications.

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