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To sustain a competitive advantage in today’s economy, it is critical to keep your customers satisfied with quick & efficient delivery and to manage your fleet of vehicles with the utmost efficiency. Our range of devices & services are fully scalable and can be tailored to suit any size of operation or budget.

SmartSurv provides you with customised solutions to help you achieve your business & personal objectives. These range from devices which use the technology of GPS for exact positioning and GSM for communication to the high-end sophistication of the XpressMaster platform.


XpressMaster allows you to access, track, monitor and analyse your fleets’ position, performance, fuel usage anytime and from anywhere using a variety of tracking and smart hand-held devices.

Using our Light and Plus service, whether you have 5 or 500 vehicles on the road, you can view on-screen, high definition satellite images in “real time” to see their exact location and to know how they are being driven. Tracker information can be sent via email or SMS or be displayed as instant pop-up notification messages.

The pro-active approach of our platform will enable you to track vehicle mileage in real time, providing you with service reminders and schedules for your fleet. Driver identification will assist you to manage your AARTO requirements while enabling you to SMS your drivers directly from the platform.

Subscribers to our Pro platform have the ability to add accurate fuel probes to their fleet. This gives you access to information like fuel saving, fuel theft and utilization graphs. It also incorporates service delivery orientated features such as route mapping, delivery schedule information and driver-to-route allocation.

Extensive reporting options are available, with macro and micro data analysis available to give you information ranging from overall performance to a step-by-step evaluation of the engine hours, idling, routing, violations, fuel theft and fuel filling information.

Speeding, journey, business and private mileage reports are all standard in the XpressMaster range.

XpressMaster can also be used in conjuction with the following add-ons