We at Mountainshak Adventures consider the safety of our participants our greatest priority.

2013_PFRDue to attacks last Friday on civilian vehicles in northern Mozambique and the continuing escalation of political unrest in Mozambique, the security risk has increased substantially and is now a real threat to the lives of our participants (Crews).

The risk level in Mozambique is assessed to be Medium-High. The greatest risk at present is the insurgent’s activities that are focused on gaining maximum attention to their cause. The Put Foot Rally’s intended route, the EN1 from Tete to Inhambane, where previous attacks have been reported, would make Crews a high profile target and an incident involving one of our participants would make international headlines.

We have monitored the situation in Mozambique for a number of months, and after receiving intelligence and situation reports from our security advisors we have made the decision to alter the route of this year’s event.

The Put Foot Rally will continue as planned with dates remaining unchanged, but with a new route. After Checkpoint Malawi, the rally will travel back via Zambia and make its way to the finish line in South-East Botswana. The finish line location will be confirmed at Checkpoint Malawi.

Thank you to all our Crews for understanding the situation, for your support and for remaining flexible! This is Africa (TIA) and this is an adventure! This rally is not even half-way, and there is still plenty to do, plenty to experience and plenty opportunity to party!

If any Crew has any questions or would like any assistance, please approach our staff. We will do our best to assist you with any planning that may be required as a result of the change in route.


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